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Cat Runner is an exciting cat running game that offers players the opportunity to decorate their virtual home while enjoying endless running adventures with their favorite feline companion. With easy controls and multiple game modes, Cat Runner provides hours of fun as players collect coins, dodge obstacles, and race against fast cars and trains to catch the robber.


In Cat Runner, players control a cat as they dash through various city scenes, collecting gold coins and avoiding obstacles such as cars and trains. The game features original running mode, endless mode, and athletics-online rush, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Players can also decorate their virtual home with various rooms and items, creating a personalized space to relax between running sessions.


  1. Endless Running Adventure: Enjoy hours of fun as you dash through endless city scenes with your beloved cat companion.

  2. Decorate Your Home: Design and decorate your virtual home with a variety of rooms and items, allowing for personalization and creativity.

  3. Multiple Game Modes: Choose from original running mode, endless mode, and athletics-online rush, each offering different challenges and rewards.

  4. Collect Coins and Upgrades: Collect gold coins to buy props and upgrades such as MEGA HEADSTART, score booster, and hoverboard, enhancing your running experience.

  5. Compete with Players Worldwide: Join competing mode to race against players from around the world and earn rewards by observing chests containing diamonds, coins, and other surprises.

Cat Runner offers a fun and immersive gaming experience for players of all ages. With its charming visuals, easy controls, and exciting gameplay features, Cat Runner is sure to become a favorite among cat lovers and running game enthusiasts alike. So, lace up your running shoes and join your furry friend on an adventure in Cat Runner!


  • Use the Arrow keys to move and jump.

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