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Hole Run 3D is a captivating online game that presents players with a singular goal: to suction up all objects in their path to prevent the ball from touching anything. As players progress through the levels, the challenges become increasingly complex, with a growing number of obstacles making the game progressively more difficult. Should the ball come into contact with any object, it will disintegrate, prompting players to restart the level. With automatically generated levels, the game offers an infinite number of challenges, ensuring long-lasting entertainment without monotony.


To play Hole Run 3D, players must navigate the ball by moving it around the screen to suck up all the objects in its path. This can typically be achieved by dragging the ball with the mouse or using touch controls on mobile devices. The objective is to clear each level by vacuuming up all obstacles without allowing the ball to touch anything. As the game progresses, players must strategize and demonstrate precise control to overcome increasingly intricate levels and obstacles.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Plan Your Moves: Take a moment to assess the layout of each level before making any moves. Planning can help you avoid accidentally touching obstacles and failing the level.
  2. Prioritize Large Objects: Focus on sucking up larger objects first, as they pose a greater risk of collision with the ball. Clearing these obstacles early can make navigating the rest of the level easier.
  3. Practice Precision: Hone your control over the ball to ensure precise movements. The more accurately you can maneuver the ball, the better equipped you'll be to navigate through tight spaces and tricky obstacles.
  4. Stay Calm: While the game can become challenging, maintaining a calm and steady approach will help you make better decisions and avoid unnecessary mistakes.


  • Endless Levels: With automatically generated levels, Hole Run 3D offers an infinite number of challenges, ensuring endless gameplay.
  • Increasing Difficulty: As players progress, the game becomes progressively more difficult, providing a satisfying challenge for seasoned players.
  • Simple Controls: Easy-to-use controls make Hole Run 3D accessible to players of all skill levels, allowing for an enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Addictive Gameplay: The straightforward yet engaging gameplay mechanics of Hole Run 3D make it highly addictive, enticing players to continue playing for hours on end.
  • Minimalistic Design: Featuring clean and minimalist graphics, Hole Run 3D focuses on gameplay, providing a distraction-free experience for players.

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